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John Csehill

John Csehill


Over the last 40 years, John has designed, sold and implemented billions of dollars’ worth of effective, cost efficient client, lead management, maintenance & operational staffing programs/budgets for universities, corporate headquarters, medical facilities, hotels, museums, banks and more. He builds businesses often taking equity in lieu of immediate compensation, does consulting work for service industry companies as well as any privately, commercially, governmentally or military owned/operated facilities internationally.

John has also helped in-house operations save countless of millions of dollars by improving their efficiency with his programs.

He creates, builds and owns a number of businesses and consults to companies across the United States and Caribbean improving efficiency and sales.

Jeff Alwes

Jeff Alwes

Monthly Spot Light Photographer

Jeff Alwes was born in Nashville Tennessee in 1994 and always had an interest in photography. As a teenager, he visited Yellowstone, Yosemite, Acadia, Sequoia, Glacier, Rocky Mountains, and other national parks on family vacations. The natural world in pristine condition was always amazing to him. His photography journey started with a trip to Yellowstone, shooting the sky with an Olympus 35 mm film camera in 2006. From there, he upgraded to Nikon Coolpix digital camera and continued to shoot through high school and college. Upon graduation from college, he was offered a position as a Field Engineer which promised a life full of travel. The hours were long but moving around the country at a moment’s notice kept his adventurous side satisfied. During his career he has lived in Alabama, Florida, New Mexico, Tennessee, Utah, and Virginia. Photography turned into his passion. Jeff Alwes would visit National and State Parks, forests, rivers, canyons, and explore random dirt roads. He always says, “It is better to see something no one else has seen, than to see something 10,000 people see every hour.” The unexplored areas of the American west are his favorite. His subjects range from the stars in the western Rockies, springs in Florida to the waterfalls in Tennessee.

Emily Chase

Emily Chase

Owner/Director of Operations

Emily Chase is a PMP since 2002/SPOP. M&A Business Transformation strategist with extensive cross-sector experience who builds strong, dedicated client relationships and strategic partnerships that are built on trust. Proven track record of driving operations and revenue through expertise in project management methodologies and people leadership. Deep expertise in business management strengthened by intellectual curiosity and emotional intelligence, providing the foundation for next-generation ideas.

Merger Acquisitions Highlights:
▪ Gilead/Kite: Merger Acquisition efforts emphasized business processes and procedure harmonization. Drove and promoted excellence in standards, processes, analytics and portfolio management adoption of best practices.
▪ Whirlpool/Maytag: Merger Acquisition emphasized a business IT merger integration PMO, program plan and roadmap of systems, processes, resources.
▪ Charles Schwab/Options Express: Merger Acquisition focused on data center buildout for 500+ Servers in a high availability environment including application rationalization and resource harmonization.
▪ Kraft/Cadbury: Merger Acquisition focused on global data migration (AP, EMEA, SA, NA) under strenuous timelines.
▪ United/Continental: Merger Acquisition efforts focused on business processes and procedure harmonization. Cultivated adoption of best practices (e.g. systems, applications, data flow).

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